Shiatsu for children 

Shiatsu massage is suitable for all & can be really helpful & positive for children. Children have issues, as do adults, & treating them energetically & holistically when young can help stop complaints becoming stagnant & chronic. Shiatsu massage is so gentle but is also powerful. It doesn’t take much to get the energy flowing & rebalancing in a child’s body. This can help the body learn & keep up healthy patterns. It can give confidence & focus.

Children are generally very responsive to Shiatsu & have a good result, both from a treatment & from Shiatsu for a specific issue. I use Shiatsu to relax & calm my sons before bed. I also use it, successfully, to help regular bowel movements, if there has been a delay or constipation. Sometimes my boys have experienced discomfort from digesting food, I have been able to ease this & also release trapped wind. These things are important for children! 

I have supported older children through exam stress & times of unease & inabilty to make changes or decisions. I have also found Shiatsu massage successful with helping to speed up physical injuries such as twisted ankles & knees. It has also helped children with head ache & eye issues.

Shiatsu massage can be given to a whole family. Home visits can be arranged & prices can be negotiated. This is such a positive experience for the whole family unit & an absolute joy to give. If you are interested in finding out more about Shiatsu for children, family Shiatsu or self Shiatsu for yourself & your family then get in touch. Details are on the ‘contact me’ page. 

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