Shiatsu massage for daily use

Shiatsu massage is a form of massage originating from Japan. I have never been lucky enough to study Shiatsu in Japan but from what I understand it is a very pragmatic form of therapy there. The client is assessed & a treatment is given, not much discussion about emotional or spiritual condition of the client. 

Shiatsu can be used very prescriptively for some daily complaints or conditions. I use Shiatsu massage on myself & my family quite regularly. I may massage my children’s hands if they are in distress or their feet if they are over-excited. I have helped my husband when he had back ache & will often work his legs & feet to support tiredness & need for rest. I use Shiatsu to help me keep pushing through when I am tired, like most parents. I have used it for eye tiredness, headaches, tight shoulders, painful hips, menstrual issues & restless legs. It’s also possible to help digestive issues with self Shiatsu. I also used it for well-being for us all, for relaxation before bed.

I pass relevant information into clients for them to use for themselves & their families. If you are interested in knowing more so get in touch through the contact me page.

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