Shiatsu break 

I have had to have the best part of the week off, no Shiatsu & plenty of bed. Our eldest son started school this year & I definitely feel like a first time school parent, I’ve caught everything he has bought home. I can only hope that I am building up my immune system as I hope he is. 

This time the virus has been a particularly nasty one & definitely the flu. I’m not going to go into details but just to say it’s been days & days in bed. I have used a few Shiatsu points to support various things. I have had an earache & pain on the side of my face. I have managed to help relieve this using points both around the ear but also down into the arms, wrist & hand. I also had restless legs & l used points for moving the energy in the legs which relieve this symptom & allowed me to sleep. Both of these have been so important & allowed me to rest.

I love that Shiatsu has this ‘first aid’ aspect to it, I forget that I use it almost daily on my family & myself. If you are interested in finding out more get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page.

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