Shiatsu, the Spring & joint pain

Today has been the first proper spring like day, down here in Exeter, Devon. It felt almost tropical (!) with a temperature of a staggering 15 degrees. Look I know that’s not hot but it’s a good 5 degrees warmer than the last few days.

I have been confined to the house for most the week, thanks to a sick child, so stepping out today felt extra surprising. We headed to the allotment, which me & my boys love. Within minutes we were stripped to t-shirts, water fights were taking place & seeds were being planted. Happy Spring days.

I am not as young as I used to be, I do generally keep fit & healthy. However my knees ached when I knelt over the strawberry patch, trying to weed. Also my shoulders & neck have been more stiff than usual recently & my hip felt sore as we walked home.

I have noticed within my Shiatsu massage treatments that the meridians, lines of energy in the body, that relate to the Spring time of year, have started to be more present in a majority of my clients. It happens at the time every year & always takes me by surprise. It shouldn’t, I know, but my clients diagnosis changes, just for a bit around now.

The meridians that relate to this time of year govern decision making, planning & plotting, they have symtoms including headaches, eye problems & sore joints! So no surprise that my joints ache more than usual then. 

The spring energy is very strong & it is easy to get carried away in the excitement of some warm weather & more energy. Bit like my boys with their water fight, they soaked each other, ran around laughing then five minutes later they were both crying, cold & uncomfortable & upset with each other. Spring is the time for planning & planting ideas, not for trying to acheive too much. There will be warmer weather & longer days to do that, later in the year.

If you think Shiatsu may be able something you’d like to try get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page. I work in Exeter, Devon on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s & Saturday’s.

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