Shiatsu at work – Exeter, Devon

I know most people won’t be thinking about work but enjoying their Saturday night off. I have done my share of full weekend work & appreciate not everyone has time off over Saturday & Sunday. These guys will be thinking about work & having the stresses & strains that come with working. All working people have difficulties, hurdles & challenges that they face. It can feel relentless & draining, even people who love what they do can become tired & overcome. It’s the life long challenge of finding a balance between work & rest. 

I have taken my massage chair into work spaces in Exeter & given short sessions of Shiatsu. It’s a massage that is given fully clothed so no need to change, it is effected within a short period of time & it is suitable for everyone. Shiatsu can support those with stress issues or physical issues created by work or work positions. It can help with tiredness, lack of drive or motivation. 

The employer just needs to provide a space for the Shiatsu massage to take place & allow the employee’s to take their break to fit when the treatments are taking place. The treatments are 20 minutes long & cost £10. This cost is generally affordable, the employer may consider subsidising or meeting this cost. 

It’s, obviously, important that there enough people are interested in having Shiatsu & that benefits can be seen. So I will happily offer taster sessions for free. I am happy to discuss arrangements & questions – you can find my details on the ‘contact me’ page. 

Below is a photo of me working on my massage chair. I can always focus on the shoulders & neck area, as this is where people often feel tension. The Shiatsu can be tailored to suit the client. 


Exeter Shiatsu fans watch this space!

I am very excited as I have finally arranged something that I have wanted to sort for ages. I have a photographer, a model & the room arranged so that I can get some new Shiatsu photos taken. That means photos of stretches that can really support people at home & also more of me giving Shiatsu massage. If may not sound like a big deal but it’s something I have been trying to arrange for ages. 

If you want to see what Shiatsu massage is like you can have a look at the photos I have up on the photos page on this site. You can also head to the Shiatsu Society to see their description & photos of Shiatsu. I also have other information on my Facebook page so you can check that out. Otherwise hold onto your excitement & watch this site, as soon I’ll post the new photos here! 

Shiatsu massage cancellations

This time of year, dark, cold, damp, always seems to bring more cancellations. All my Shiatsu clients are really good at giving me as much notice as they can but when you’ve built up to the idea of doing some Shiatsu it always feels disappointing. Being self-employed & not having a consistent income is obviously also difficult. 

So if you are in the Exeter area this Saturday – 28th January -& fancy a Shiatsu massage then please feel free to contact me to book in!!! What I’m trying to say is January & February are often good months to contact me to see if I have any appointments – as often I can fit clients in soon after they call, thanks to cancellations. 

Well we have got our son to 5 years old!

When I’m not working as a Shiatsu practitioner I am looking after our two young boys. We celebrated our elder son’s 5th birthday today with a trip to the cinema & a picnic in the park. Aptly we watched a film called Storks, which is about Storks delivering babies, then diversifying to delivering packages, before realising they should be delivering babies after all. It was apt as there were many comical nods to the trials & difficulties that parents face.

The last five years have been the most rewarding but also the hardest, sleep deprivation, endless logistical organisation, complete mess & chaos, total lack of personal space & button-pushing boundary challenges! There is however nothing like a child climbing into your lap, or taking hold of your hand as you walk along. Watching them learn & explore is fascinating & has re-opened my eyes to the world. Hearing them giggle when you play them warms your soul, or when they quietly come & say ‘Mummy’s the best’

So why am I writing about this on my Shiatsu page? Well being a parent has allowed me to feel unconditional love & shown me that I have quite a capacity to feel & give love, it has taught me that I can nurture & care for others but also hold boundaries when necessary. These things have helped better my Shiatsu practise. I have become more comfortable & confident when a nurturing or mothering touch is important in a treatment. I feel its important to support Shiatsu clients with an openness & a sense of care, being a parent has given me more confidence to do this fully, knowing I can hold the professional space & boundaries at the same time. This being so important for practitioner & client. So if you would like to try a supportive & nurturing Shiatsu massage with me go to the ‘contact me’ page for details.

What is Shiatsu?

I have recently placed an advert on a different website to I have used previously – I have found myself describing Shiatsu a number of times. I have directed people to this site & the information pages but also to the Shiatsu Society & to my Facebook page

I find that I give slightly different information to each person, generally based on either their e-mail or phone manner, as I don’t see them face to face when they enquire. I try to ask questions & not make presumptions but it’s almost impossible. So I have taken to having a few set phases, but also explaining on how I view Shiatsu. I want new clients & I think Shiatsu is absolutely brilliant so I try not to bombard with huge amounts of information but I want people to know the difference between Shiatsu & other massage. I am incredibly proud to offer Shiatsu & I’ve realised I have to show this when I’m explaining it!

So what is Shiatsu? It’s a form of body work the originates from Japan. It is gentle & powerful, it works on the principle that there are lines of energy in our bodies & Shiatsu works to rebalance these. It can be energizing & invigorating as well as relaxing. It is given on a futon mat on the floor & the client is fully-clothed. This allows a lot of movement, stretches, rotations, within the massage. It is brilliantly supportive & nurturing & gives space for the body to rebalance & recharge. 

If you are interested to trying a Shiatsu then please get in touch – details on the ‘contact me’ page

The spleen in me! Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon 

The diagnosis used in a Shiatsu treatment is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & the five elements, fire, earth, metal, water & wood. The theory is that when in balance the 5 elements support & feed each other, they also help keep each other in check, the fire is not allowed to burn too brightly for instance. In practice most of us have an imbalance within the five elements. Often the water element is low, this shows through tiredness, lower back ache, fears & phobias along with a number of other symptoms. The idea is that the symptoms shown begin to build a picture which leads to a diagnosis. In Shiatsu, being a hands-on therapy, touch is then used as another form of diagnosis, often supporting what has begun to show through a verbal consultation.

Personally I have a long history of an imbalance with my earth energy, along with water & wood. The earth governs the idea of self, nurture, ideas & the mother. So having already a tendency to imbalance within this element it is of no surprise that when I became a mother it became more & more pronounced! TCM attaches two meridians, lines of energy in the body, to each element. The meridians are named after organs in the body. This doesn’t mean that all the issues relating to the meridian are specifically to do with the organs. the two meridians that relate to the earth energy are the spleen & stomach meridians. 

I have recently had a lack of energy & drive (water element) a sense of frustration & inflexibility (wood element) & a tendency to mother anyone who comes within 3 foot of me & to burst into heart felt tears over anything (earth element.) This culminated today in me leaving my eldest son at school & beginning to drive home (he has just begun school this year & doesn’t particularly like it.) I listen to the radio as I drive & someone’s great aunt is about to turn 100, I begin to cry. I walk by the river with my youngest son & another child is trying to feed the ducks but the seagulls keep getting the food,  I start to cry. A friend tells me her son is not working for his exams, I start to cry… get the idea. Leaving my son at school is tough & can feel upsetting (he is fine 5 minutes after I leave) but today the balance tipped over, this was an abnormal reaction & not necessary!  After I had picked my eldest up from school I took the children to a pet shop, as I had to pop into another boring shop nearby. I was very close to walking out with a bearded dragon, 2 long-eared rabbits, a handful of hamsters & a poor dog that kept barking in one of the vet consultation rooms! 

Enough, definitely the balance has tipped , I cannot look after (mother) these poor animals, we have no space & no time.  I cannot kept pretending I have a sniffly nose when I start tearing up in the street! I came straight home & booked a Shiatsu session with a lovely fellow practitioner. I am also about to curl up, with the heater & a fluffy jumper on, to read, now the kids are asleep (finally!) & my mothering duties are done. It is so important to listen & react to our bodies, emotions & our mental state. Shiatsu can really help ease things, like a bit of oil, to get the cogs working together, smoothly again. Also stopping, being & trusting our instincts. Nearly every time my clients know what is going on for them & what might support & help them.  If you are interest in knowing more about Shiatsu massage then please contact me, details in the ‘contact me’ page. 

Shiatsu in the workplace, Exeter, Devon

Wow it can feel hard to get back into a routine after a Christmas/ new year break. Work can be tough, long hours, stress & pressure.  Would a supportive & invigorating massage in your workplace help? Shiatsu massage can be effective in a short sessions, 10 or 20 minutes. These short sessions are much cheaper than a full treatment, just £10. 

It is easy to bring Shiatsu into a work environment, there just needs to be a space big enough for a massage chair to fit, an employer who is happy for their employees to take a break at the time Shiatsu is available & enough employees to be interested! 

There can be a lot a benefits for both the employer & the employees. Shiatsu can help with energy levels, motivation & focus. It can help with aches & pains & physical injuries, also with stress & emotional & mental strains. 

A tester session can be arranged, where the sessions are free. This allows the staff & company to decide if this an employee perk that benefits all. Contact me to discuss this if interested, details are on the ‘contact me’ page.

Happy 2017 – May it be full of Shiatsu

Taken today at the sunny beach – warm sun on our backs, the soothing but strong sound of waves & powerfully fresh air to breathe – what a day before heading back into our daily/ weekly routine. A reminder to try & find space to be outside whenever possible – lifting spirits & stepping out of the drudgery for a while. Obviously Shiatsu is also a quiet moment away from responsiblity & any stresses & strains. A space to breathe, rest & be. Shiatsu also provides a nurturing & supportive hand, a extra help alongside personal strength & movement. A helping hand & a holding hand. If you are interested in trying Shiatsu with me then go to the contact me page for details.

Cheap Shiatsu massage in January – Exeter, Devon

​If you’ve not had a Shiatsu with me – or want to know what Shiatsu massage is all about – then how about a taster session? For January only these are just £20. I have availability on Wednesday afternoon’s & Saturday morning’s – Wednesday evening’s are very nearly booked for this month. Contact me if you are interested – details are on the ‘contact me’ page.