Shiatsu in the workplace, Exeter, Devon

Wow it can feel hard to get back into a routine after a Christmas/ new year break. Work can be tough, long hours, stress & pressure.  Would a supportive & invigorating massage in your workplace help? Shiatsu massage can be effective in a short sessions, 10 or 20 minutes. These short sessions are much cheaper than a full treatment, just £10. 

It is easy to bring Shiatsu into a work environment, there just needs to be a space big enough for a massage chair to fit, an employer who is happy for their employees to take a break at the time Shiatsu is available & enough employees to be interested! 

There can be a lot a benefits for both the employer & the employees. Shiatsu can help with energy levels, motivation & focus. It can help with aches & pains & physical injuries, also with stress & emotional & mental strains. 

A tester session can be arranged, where the sessions are free. This allows the staff & company to decide if this an employee perk that benefits all. Contact me to discuss this if interested, details are on the ‘contact me’ page.

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