Bladder & Kidney Meridians, Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon

Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy, given through clothes. It uses the same points & meridians (lines of energy) that Acupuncture & Acupressure use. The meridians are name after organs of the body, although they also relate to emotions & physical areas of the body. An imbalance in a meridian does not mean that there is an issue with the organ, it can mean there are other physical issues, or mental or emotional imbalances.

Shiatsu looks to balance the energy in the meridians, supporting & holding the ones that are low of energy & working more strenuously the ones that are tight or full of energy.

The bladder & kidney meridians are commonly the meridians that are low of energy, they relate to tiredness & pushing ourselves too much. Signs that the bladder or kidney meridian is out of balance are black bags under the eyes, sore lower back, needing the go to the toilet lots & poor sleep patterns. There are lots of other symptoms too.

A lot, if not all, of my Shiatsu treatments involve working these two meridians. They are our resource, that supports the other meridians & the body. They are lovely to have worked, & to work on, the treatment is often deep, slow & quiet, deeply relaxing.

There are ways that you can support your own Kidney & Bladder energy:

  • Rest whenever possible
  • Get as much sleep as you can
  • Take time each day to meditate or sit quietly
  • Limit hot, sweet or spicey foods
  • Limit alcohol & caffeine intake
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Hold kidney 1 pressure point before bed- see picture below.

Shiatsu is really good at raising energy levels, supporting tiredness & fatigue & boosting the kidney & bladder meridians. It is relaxing & soothing to have, it eases the body & the mind, afterwards it can provide more energy, drive & focus.

I offer Shiatsu in Exwick, Exeter. I also have pop-up clinics in Exmouth & Dawlish. Im always happy to discuss Shiatsu so do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page.


Shiatsu massage touch

Shiatsu massage is a very unique & special form of touch. I think this photo gives an idea of the type of touch you receive in a Shiatsu massage treatment.

Shiatsu massage meets the client how & where they want to be met. Every Shiatsu session is different, reacting to how the person is in that moment. The practioner listens & follows what they feel as they give the hands on treatment. It is a nurturing & caring touch, supportive & present in its energy. 

I offer Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon & I work in a quiet & calm practice room in Exwick. You can contact me through the contact me page, to discuss if Shiatsu may be of benefit to you or to book a treatment. You may also want to have a look at my Facebook page or follow me on instagram @shiatsubyamy. If you want more information you could have a look at the Shiatsu society website or have the other pages on this site.

Shiatsu massage & the season’s – Exeter, Devon

Hints of spring were starting to show, & now we have gone right back to mid winter & we have snow!

A cold, dark & serious winter day down here in Devon. Just a flurry of snow in Exeter so we headed up to Dartmoor to find more. The cold really reminded me that we have to be careful at this time of year. It is such a joy when the spring really begins, the temperature rises & things seem to happen with more ease. If we start trying to do too much too soon in the year we are at risk of using up energy that we should be storing. So this afternoon we left the snow & wind outside & we kept warm inside, making pizza & drawing pictures. 

If you are interested in finding out if Shiatsu may be able to help you please contact me through the contact me page.

Stuck in a rut? Try Shiatsu

Feeling stuck in a rut is something most of us feel at least once in our lives. A sense of treading the same path over & over, not moving forwards & not feeling positive. Shiatsu massage can help start moving the energy in the body, with the flow of energy come the fluidity of thought & process, things can begin to ease & shift.

As Shiatsu massage is a hands-on therapy it can bypass the mind & the mental aspect, there is no need for discussion, to assess the situation or think up solutions. The mind can become stilled & calm, the client can focus on the sensations they feel as the Shiatsu massage takes place. 

So without discussion the process of movement & flow can begin, the body holds so much of our emotions & stresses & strains, as they relesse the client may begin to feel a lightness & an easiness in their movements & thoughts. Life seems to be a little easier & change a little more achievable.

There are a set of stretches that are designed to support Shiatsu massage, that people can use at home to help keep the flow of energy. This is a stretch that is great for people who feel stuck in a rut. It is a strong stretch so it’s important to be gentle & listen to your body. 

If you try this & find it helps then maybe you would like to book a Shiatsu massage. My contact details are on the contact me page. 

Stretches to support Shiatsu massage – Exeter, Devon

Here is another stretch that is designed to support the meridians (lines of energy in the body) that Shiatsu massage works with. This stretch is for the meridians that are within the Earth element, within the 5 element diagnosis tool that Shiatsu massage uses. The Earth energy is about nurturing & feeding yourself, both with healthy food & feeding the mind with healthy learning. The Earth energy is about be kind & supportive so when completing the stretch it’s important to listen to your body & only go as far as you feel you are able to. Pushing this stretch may hurt your body and have no positive effect on your Earth energy. A gentle approach is important with this stretch, as is protecting your back, it’s a must to stretch forward after completing this stretch.

If you would like to know more about this stretch or how Shiatsu massagemay help you please do contact me – I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu. Details are on the contact me page. 

cleaning, colds & Shiatsu 

This year I have managed to catch a record number of colds & coughs. Mostly this is thanks to my young children, one who has now started school & seems to be excellent at bringing home every bug possible. Also due to my small children, I am always busy & often tired so don’t have the best immune system with which to fight this seemingly endless battle.

Anyway you get the idea,  lots of different cold bugs this year & I’ve caught them all. What has been interesting is that I have had enough colds to noticed a pattern. Every time I have had a cold I have begun to clean & organise parts of the house. I scrubbed the kitchen units & floor yesterday for instance, I have re-organised my wardrobe & filed paperwork away in our filing cabinet. The later is almost unheard of. I questioned if I was nesting, like heavily pregnant women do, but I then realised it was more clinical & exact, about having order & structure.

Within the diagnosis structure that Shiatsu uses, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cleaning & organising relate to the Metal element – which govern, along with other things, the lungs & the large intestines. Symptoms relevant to this element  include colds & coughs. Positive activities for someone with low metal energy include, guess what, cleaning & organising. As is often the case my body was clear about what was needed to support me with my colds. 

It you are interested in what diagnosis Shiatsu may give you or you have questions about this form of massage therapy then please get in touch with me, through the contact me page. I offer Shiatsu treatments in Exeter, Devon. I work in a quiet calm treatment room in Exwick, Exeter. I work Wednesday afternoon’s & Saturday morning’s. I will soon alsp offer appointments on Tuesday afternoons.

Shiatsu massage news

I am really excited as this year is shaping up to be one full of Shiatsu massage, both in my practice in Exwick, Exeter & also at events in & around the area. I am in the process of booking up my first event..details to follow…. I am enjoying the space I am beginning to get, now the kids are a little older, I can say yes to more & have more time to promote the benefits of Shiatsu.

I absolutely love giving Shiatsu & I’m hoping this year I give a lot! If you are interested in finding out more about Shiatsu or would like to book a treatment with me here in Exeter then do get in touch. Details on the contact me page. 

Rain, Sun & Shiatsu – Exeter, Devon

Living in the south west of England it’s not a surprise when in rains but we have had a tough week this week. Rain every day, storms, wind, closed roads & train lines. It has been cold & blustery & unpleasant. How lovely to wake this morning to beautiful, bright, strong, almost spring like, sunshine. Saturday is a day that I practise Shiatsu massage & what a pleasure to set out in the sunshine.   

Even as the sky starts to darken now I still remember the warmness of the sun this morning & the lightness it made me feel. It was a really happy Shiatsu massage treatment in the sun. Amazing how a bit of light can make you feel. If you are interested in booking a Saturday Shiatsu appointment then get in touch through the contact me page.