cleaning, colds & Shiatsu 

This year I have managed to catch a record number of colds & coughs. Mostly this is thanks to my young children, one who has now started school & seems to be excellent at bringing home every bug possible. Also due to my small children, I am always busy & often tired so don’t have the best immune system with which to fight this seemingly endless battle.

Anyway you get the idea,  lots of different cold bugs this year & I’ve caught them all. What has been interesting is that I have had enough colds to noticed a pattern. Every time I have had a cold I have begun to clean & organise parts of the house. I scrubbed the kitchen units & floor yesterday for instance, I have re-organised my wardrobe & filed paperwork away in our filing cabinet. The later is almost unheard of. I questioned if I was nesting, like heavily pregnant women do, but I then realised it was more clinical & exact, about having order & structure.

Within the diagnosis structure that Shiatsu uses, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cleaning & organising relate to the Metal element – which govern, along with other things, the lungs & the large intestines. Symptoms relevant to this element  include colds & coughs. Positive activities for someone with low metal energy include, guess what, cleaning & organising. As is often the case my body was clear about what was needed to support me with my colds. 

It you are interested in what diagnosis Shiatsu may give you or you have questions about this form of massage therapy then please get in touch with me, through the contact me page. I offer Shiatsu treatments in Exeter, Devon. I work in a quiet calm treatment room in Exwick, Exeter. I work Wednesday afternoon’s & Saturday morning’s. I will soon alsp offer appointments on Tuesday afternoons.

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