Stuck in a rut? Try Shiatsu

Feeling stuck in a rut is something most of us feel at least once in our lives. A sense of treading the same path over & over, not moving forwards & not feeling positive. Shiatsu massage can help start moving the energy in the body, with the flow of energy come the fluidity of thought & process, things can begin to ease & shift.

As Shiatsu massage is a hands-on therapy it can bypass the mind & the mental aspect, there is no need for discussion, to assess the situation or think up solutions. The mind can become stilled & calm, the client can focus on the sensations they feel as the Shiatsu massage takes place. 

So without discussion the process of movement & flow can begin, the body holds so much of our emotions & stresses & strains, as they relesse the client may begin to feel a lightness & an easiness in their movements & thoughts. Life seems to be a little easier & change a little more achievable.

There are a set of stretches that are designed to support Shiatsu massage, that people can use at home to help keep the flow of energy. This is a stretch that is great for people who feel stuck in a rut. It is a strong stretch so it’s important to be gentle & listen to your body. 

If you try this & find it helps then maybe you would like to book a Shiatsu massage. My contact details are on the contact me page. 

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