Well we have got our son to 5 years old!

When I’m not working as a Shiatsu practitioner I am looking after our two young boys. We celebrated our elder son’s 5th birthday today with a trip to the cinema & a picnic in the park. Aptly we watched a film called Storks, which is about Storks delivering babies, then diversifying to delivering packages, before realising they should be delivering babies after all. It was apt as there were many comical nods to the trials & difficulties that parents face.

The last five years have been the most rewarding but also the hardest, sleep deprivation, endless logistical organisation, complete mess & chaos, total lack of personal space & button-pushing boundary challenges! There is however nothing like a child climbing into your lap, or taking hold of your hand as you walk along. Watching them learn & explore is fascinating & has re-opened my eyes to the world. Hearing them giggle when you play them warms your soul, or when they quietly come & say ‘Mummy’s the best’

So why am I writing about this on my Shiatsu page? Well being a parent has allowed me to feel unconditional love & shown me that I have quite a capacity to feel & give love, it has taught me that I can nurture & care for others but also hold boundaries when necessary. These things have helped better my Shiatsu practise. I have become more comfortable & confident when a nurturing or mothering touch is important in a treatment. I feel its important to support Shiatsu clients with an openness & a sense of care, being a parent has given me more confidence to do this fully, knowing I can hold the professional space & boundaries at the same time. This being so important for practitioner & client. So if you would like to try a supportive & nurturing Shiatsu massage with me go to the ‘contact me’ page for details.

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