Still time to get a Shiatsu bargain 

I’m offering Shiatsu massage taster sessions for just £20 – but for just this month only. Sessions are filling up but I do still have some treatments available before the end of January.

If you’ve not tried Shiatsu before this might be the ieeal opportunity. Maybe you would like to see how it differs from other massages or other alternative therapies; acupressure, reflexology, reiki.

Or if you suffer with aches & pains, back issues, hip & knee issues, fatigue, stress or you are going through a difficult time at the mkment then you may want to see if a Shiatsu massage can help.

The sessions are roughly 30 minutes long & they will have has much hands-on in the time as possible. In a short period of time a Shiatsu massage can really help. 

I practise in Exwick, Exeter, Devon & have been qualified for over 6 years, following completing the 3 year diploma course. I will hapoily answer any questions you have so please contact me – details on the ‘contact me’ page.

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