What is Shiatsu?

I have recently placed an advert on a different website to I have used previously – I have found myself describing Shiatsu a number of times. I have directed people to this site & the information pages but also to the Shiatsu Society & to my Facebook page

I find that I give slightly different information to each person, generally based on either their e-mail or phone manner, as I don’t see them face to face when they enquire. I try to ask questions & not make presumptions but it’s almost impossible. So I have taken to having a few set phases, but also explaining on how I view Shiatsu. I want new clients & I think Shiatsu is absolutely brilliant so I try not to bombard with huge amounts of information but I want people to know the difference between Shiatsu & other massage. I am incredibly proud to offer Shiatsu & I’ve realised I have to show this when I’m explaining it!

So what is Shiatsu? It’s a form of body work the originates from Japan. It is gentle & powerful, it works on the principle that there are lines of energy in our bodies & Shiatsu works to rebalance these. It can be energizing & invigorating as well as relaxing. It is given on a futon mat on the floor & the client is fully-clothed. This allows a lot of movement, stretches, rotations, within the massage. It is brilliantly supportive & nurturing & gives space for the body to rebalance & recharge. 

If you are interested to trying a Shiatsu then please get in touch – details on the ‘contact me’ page

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