Shiatsu at work – Exeter, Devon

I know most people won’t be thinking about work but enjoying their Saturday night off. I have done my share of full weekend work & appreciate not everyone has time off over Saturday & Sunday. These guys will be thinking about work & having the stresses & strains that come with working. All working people have difficulties, hurdles & challenges that they face. It can feel relentless & draining, even people who love what they do can become tired & overcome. It’s the life long challenge of finding a balance between work & rest. 

I have taken my massage chair into work spaces in Exeter & given short sessions of Shiatsu. It’s a massage that is given fully clothed so no need to change, it is effected within a short period of time & it is suitable for everyone. Shiatsu can support those with stress issues or physical issues created by work or work positions. It can help with tiredness, lack of drive or motivation. 

The employer just needs to provide a space for the Shiatsu massage to take place & allow the employee’s to take their break to fit when the treatments are taking place. The treatments are 20 minutes long & cost £10. This cost is generally affordable, the employer may consider subsidising or meeting this cost. 

It’s, obviously, important that there enough people are interested in having Shiatsu & that benefits can be seen. So I will happily offer taster sessions for free. I am happy to discuss arrangements & questions – you can find my details on the ‘contact me’ page. 

Below is a photo of me working on my massage chair. I can always focus on the shoulders & neck area, as this is where people often feel tension. The Shiatsu can be tailored to suit the client. 


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