Shiatsu massage Exeter – living in the moment

It’s often talked about, live in the moment, don’t worry about your past or stress about your future. It is important to try to be present & aware of what is happening in the here & now, making the most of it, finding the joy. Shiatsu massage is amazing at helping a client do this, feeling what their body feels like, how the treatment is affecting them & how they feel. It is a special place to be, a Shiatsu massage treatment is time out of life, a safe place to simply feel or just be.

Obviously there are other ways to be in the moment, be still & enjoy. This is a challenge for me as it is half term, 2 kids, one adult, 5 days! Day one is done, & survived  & enjoyed to be honest. There have been points where it has been hard to enjoy the moment. The classic parental challenge of getting the kids out of the house, in time for the bus into Exeter, without losing your patience, for instance. Also the toy shop, fine for the first 10 minutes, then busy with people, children not sharing & youngest needing the toilet rather urgently! 

Once we had walked to the toilets, found they were closed & were miles from nearest ones, I really struggled to be enjoying the moment. We dropped into an Exeter cafe, I was convinced they would say no to us using the loo. On the contrary the waitress was a mum & completely understood, she showed us the loos & was so kind as we left. Very thankful & happy & back in the moment for a bit.

We went on to the quay side in Exeter & it was easy to enjoy life. The kids ran & laughed, they were happy & carefree & this is so contagious you can’t help being swept along. Also the sun was shining & the air was warm, if not a trifle windy.

The boys were playing in the playground & I took a moment to feel the sun in my face, the wind in my hair & breathed deeply, not thinking , just feeling & being. 

Please contact me through the contact me page to discuss Shiatsu & if it may help you.

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