I have used Shiatsu a few times over this last couple of weeks. Bringing the kids tantrums down, easing car-sickness and loosening my husband’s stiff neck. On top of it having been the school holidays I have also had to have some, necessary but horrible, dental surgery.

I have spent the last ten days recovering. I have been lucky that my husband could take some time off to have the kids, it has been a joy to hear the adventures they have been up to together. It’s been tough though. I am naturally impatient so having to give in to rest has been difficult. I have been aware that the treatment and antibiotics have had a physical, mental and emotional impact on me. I have used various natural remedies to support myself and this, I believe, has helped with a relatively speedy recovery.

Like most people I’m not keen on the dentist at the best of times, but having to have excessive work is no joke. This was the second stage of the work and so I had some idea of what was going to happen. I used homeopathy to support me before and after the treatment, I used natural remedies to help alongside the antibiotics but of course I also used plenty of Shiatsu.

I used Shiatsu to settle my mind and anxiety before the dental work. There are some great Tsubos, energy points on the body, that you can hold to ease various symptoms. I used some on my wrist and hands to ease the building stress as I waited, for ages, in the waiting room. I then held points on my hands as the treatment happened to distract and calm my mind.

When I left the dental practice I knew I would be cold, I had been the first time. I had blankets to keep me warm. I rubbed the area of my lower back where the Kidneys are, I could feel the heat radiating to warm my whole body. The Kidneys are the body’s burners, if they are warm everything is. I wrapped the blankets well around this area and warmed quickly.

Further to the treatment I did suffer with headaches, which I relieved by using relevant Tsubos but also by massaging my hands and feet. This is so simple if you treat a headache as a build up of energy in the head. Working other areas of the body brings the energy away from the head and relieves the pain. It worked for me.

I have listened to my body as much as my impatience allows, which is something that can be hard to do in our busy lives. I have rested and slept. I have eaten food to support my immune system and help my kidneys.

It’s not all been straight forward. At one point my husband called me an ‘Antibiotic Zombie!’ and he was right. But in general the Shiatsu has helped my feel as balanced as possible.

Now I am fully recovered I am looking forward to getting back to giving lots of Shiatsu. To support others to find and feel balance in themselves and their lives.


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