Shiatsu and Chronic Pain, Exeter, Devon

I have treated a number of clients who are suffering with chronic pain.

Chronic pain is such a difficult thing to live with, affecting every area of life. Often clients have lived with pain for years or even decades.

Shiatsu is a very supportive and nurtuting form of therapy. In my experience it can ease the mental tension and strain that living with pain creates.

My treatments are a safe space to talk about and feel the effects the chronic pain is having on the client. Often clients have felt unable to discuss their pain levels with their families. They feel it is too much for others to bear, too boring as it is every day, too upsetting. Shiatsu sessions are the place to discuss, and feel, and maybe let go of some of the holding on.

My clients have experienced a drop in pain levels, they have been able to drop pain relief tablets. They have also experienced more mobility and flexibility.

Often clients have tried a number of different therapies before they get to Shiatsu. Shiatsu is unique, a hands-on therapy that can help support physical, mental and emotional concerns.

I love giving Shiatsu and working with people to strengthen and move forward their health. It is such a joy to hear people talking about changes and positive developments to their health.


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