Shiatsu, Spring Time And An Easter Break, Exeter, Devon

It may be a few weeks until the Easter weekend but in our house we are on count-down to the school holidays. I am taking some time off to hang-out with the family, let’s hope for good weather and not trying to come up with indoor options for energetic children.

My last day of work is Monday 8th April. I am already full next week and only have a couple of spaces left on Monday 8th. If you feel in need of a relaxing and invigorating Shiatsu treatment before the Easter busyness then get in touch.

This time of year is really interesting in terms of Shiatsu and energy. Everything is coming to life, plants are pushing up and out and there is birth everywhere in nature.

Life feels easier when the temperatures warm but also there is an energy in the air to get things done, to clear out, to start planting and planning. Along with the positives of this Spring energy can come more headaches or sinus issues for those prone to them. There can be too much heat in the body, causing neck and shoulder pain, digestive difficulties and slow circulation. Also it can feel overwhelming at this time of year, so many choices to be made and no clear idea of how to make them, or even where to start.

A session of Shiatsu can help ease symptoms but also help you feel like you should feel! So everything feels a little more in place, both physically but also mentally and emotionally. When we are feeling ourselves again things can seem to work more smoothly and with ease.

So if you are feeling out of sorts, have aches and pains that you would like to loosen and you would like to feel yourself again then give me a call and book a Shiatsu – either before I go on holiday or when I return on April 23rd. Contact details are on the ‘Contact Me’ page.


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