Shiatsu and Emotions, Exeter, Devon

The body holds our emotional stresses and strains. Whatever happens in our lives it impacts our bodies.

In most treatments I am aware that I am working with emotions as well the physical body.

Often an injury or complaint has an emotion connected to it, deep hurt, tearfulness, frustration. With Shiatsu I can ease the emotion alongside the physical, providing release and relief.

As we go through life we may have upsets with people, relationship breakdowns, work issues. We may experience anxiety or distress. Generally we try to fathom and resolve these issues by thinking them through.

What I love about Shiatsu is it gives the space for the client to experience how they feel in their body.

It can allow you to feel how near to your physical and emotional limit you are.

It can bring up issues and concerns from your past, emotions that have been held for a long time.

It can provide an emotional release. Working with a client and watching them experience a sense of relief and release is such a privilege.

Shiatsu can help a client feel happier and more content in themselves. It can help with confidence and motivation, supporting a client to make changes in their lives, if needs be.

The more emotions I work with the more I also understand and feel my own. It is a special and privileged job that I am lucky enough to do. What a joy to facilitate and work with clients as they gain control of theit emotional and physical lives.


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