Shiatsu for Back Pain, Exeter, Devon

Recently I have had a number of clients with serious back issues and I’ve also had some difficulty with my own back.

There is nothing like being in pain, it is physically and mentally draining and can leave people feeling very isolated. I love that Shiatsu has the ability to ease pain levels and also offer emotional support to those in pain.

Often when the issue at it’s most acute there are small things that a client can do to support their own healing.

Keeping the back warm is essential. Particularly keeping the areas where the Kidneys are well protected. A hot water bottle in the evening. on the kidney area of the back, at the bottom of the ribs on each side, is ideal.

Resting when possible is also essential. The two main Meridians (lines of energy) that run through the back relate to tiredness and rest. Too much exercise is not going to help.

Breathing deep into the area of pain, through it an to the base of the spine. Using Meditations that visualise healing in the spine and areas of pain can also help.

Once the condition has began to strengthen – this may take just a few Shiatsu treatments or may take more, considering the extent of the issue – then other exercises can begin to be used.

Back issues are generated by all number of issues, injury, accident, work, stress, emotional issues. My personal issue is pushing too much, to get too much done, on top of a busy Shiatsu practice. I have decided it is time to get more into shape, on top of a busy family and work life. Funnily enough my back as said ‘slow up!’

I am resting when possible, I am using visual meditation, I am using gentle stretches and exercises and I am listening to my body. The major change is an acceptance of how my body is, where it’s limitations are and letting go of negative self-beliefs that I believe are at the core of the issue.

I am also getting treatments, as it’s not possible, always, to heal ourselves just on our own. It’s important to know when to ask for help. These treatments are providing me with the moral and emotional support I need to continue to ease my discomfort.

Look my back isn’t that bad at all really – just the result of a few busy weeks – but it has helped me to begin to understand how difficult it is to live with chronic pain -and how great it is to find a place of healing and support.

I really enjoy providing a held therapeutic space, where healing and change can take place. If you are reading this and thinking ‘yes it’s time for some change’ then maybe come and try a Shiatsu with me.

Off to fill up the hot water bottle now – here’s to a deeply restful night to you all. xx

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