Shiatsu for Babies and Children, Exeter, Devon

I have been working with a couple of mothers and their babies recently. It is a joy to support and nurture tired mums and a great pleasure to treat their babies too.

Children and babies are very responsive to treatment, they haven’t had years to build up chronic tension like the rest of us. They do, however, have stresses and strains that Shiatsu can help ease.

There is so much development that happens in childhood, particularly babyhood. Generally this development happens with ease but sometimes the baby, or child, needs a little help. Maybe teething is difficult or digestion isn’t happening as easily as it could.

Shiatsu is a gentle treatment and can be quite productive in a short period of time. The babies I have treated have responded really positively. They are more settled, calmer and have better digestion and less signs of distress.

I have also found that Shiatsu has helped in many ways with my boys. I have used it to promote relaxation and calmness but also for stomach ache, constipation, growing pains, earaches, dizziness, travel sickness and many other things.

If you are interested in having Shiatsu for yourself and your children, or you feel your child or children would benefit from a session then do get in touch. A session doesn’t need to be a full hour and pricing is relative to the time required.


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