Shiatsu and Posture, Exeter, Devon

I have a lot of conversations about posture, a lot of people feel that their issue or concern stems from having bad posture.

Well this can be true. Standing in an unbalanced way or leaning over for long periods can leave our bodies ouy of shape.

However I’m always more interested in the reason why a body is out of balance. Bad posture is often a symptom rather than the cause.

It isn’t generally something that has just happened. It may be traced back to the job a person has done, very physical or bent over a computer. It may be they are very tall so have become used to bending. It could be there was an injury or accident in their history.

The reason for poor posture could be emotional, our bodies take on our mental strains as well as our physical. Sometimes the poor posture can be traced back to a stressful or sad time for the person.

The bad posture can then exacerbate an underlying issue. It can cause further issues across the body.

When considering bad posture, from a Shiatsu point of view, it can be looked at simply as an energetic imbalance. What Meridians, lines of energy, run through the areas of the body that are out of line? Are those Meridians too full of energy; tight, tense, rigid, bent? Are the Meridians low of energy; weak, loose, crumpled?

Shiatsu looks to balance the energy in the body. It can strengthen the weak areas and loosen the tight areas. When the body is in balance symptoms can ease.

Often clients want to understand what has effected their body. They may only look at this in an anatomical or physiological way. Sometimes it needs to be looked at on an emotional and energetic way.

This is one of the things that makes Shiatsu such an unique form of therapy.

If you are concerned about your posture you may want to try Shiatsu. Within a few sessions you should start to see some changes. I can often give exercise and lifestyle advice to help you continue the healing process yourself at home.

If you are interested in discussing or booking do give me a call on 07791 070837. My email address is


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