Shiatsu in January – Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

I’m presently on holiday, thank goodness as all my family have been poorly as well as it being Christmas, there’s been no time for work!

It’s a busy & tiring time of year, cold dark days, we should be resting & hibernating not rushing around.

The winter is a time of deep rest, of quiet evenings, of meditation & reflection. Not much of a chance of that right! I’m right there with you, it’s hard to find any space.

There are things you can do to help reserve you energy over winter.

  • Meditate every day – even for only 10 minutes 
  • Take time to reflect on 2017
  • Keep you lower back warm – where you kidneys are
  • Cosy at home when you can

Plus of course Shiatsu can really help at this time of year. It can improve energy levels. It can warm the kidneys & help with circulation. It can encourage deeper sleep & is deeply relaxing.  All of these benefits can help get you through this time if year. 

I work in Exeter & Dawlish. I have spaces in both places in January. If you’d like to discuss if Shiatsu can help support you do get in touch.

Best wishes to you all for rest & warmth at this time of year.

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