A Happy 2018, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

We might have already had our new year celebrations, finished by 6pm! A meal with family, a little celebratory toast & some talk of resolutions. A real joy & pretty much all we can manage these days with small children.

I hope whatever you do this evening/ night to celebrate you have a happy & joyful time. Also here’s to blessings for the resolutions you make. The start of a new year, although in the midst of the darkest season seems to give focus & magic to our goals & aspirations.

I love giving Shiatsu & I hope that 2018 is a year full of it! To me Shiatsu is a special therapy that meets the client where they want to be met, bypassing the mind & giving space for the body to release tensions created by stress & distress. 

I love that it is a hands-on therapy, it uses massage techniques but describing it as massage isn’t accurate. The Shiatsu touch creates a secure & safe environment to explore & release deeply held concerns, emotions & traumas.

So I hope 2018 gives me a chance to introduce Shiatsu to many new people, to support people achieve their goals & to release their stresses & strains. 

I have had comments from many clients about how Shiatsu has helped with their pain & physical issues. I have seen clients hobble into a treatment & leave standing tall & proud. 

I hope 2018 allows me to help clients manage their pain & discomfort. To relieve the symptoms but also to help with the mental strain, particularly of dealing with chronic pain.

Personally I am hoping 2018 brings space for some further study to develop my Shiatsu practice, some escape time & maybe even the energy to have a later new years celebration next year! 

A very happy new year to you all.


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