Happy Shiatsu Solstice, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

What an amazing Solstice day today. At least here in Devon we had clear blue skies & heady temperatures. I won’t deny that I am hoping the forecast for tomorrow, do it to cool a little, is actually the case. For a Summer Solstice the weather has felt quite fitting, for me.

It’s been hard giving Shiatsu in this heat, windows open, doors ajar & still pretty sweaty work. I did feel the Shiatsu I gave today was really positive & the energy seemed to flow well. The clients seem to enjoy the heat, whilst I worked on them, so maybe this was a real boost in some ways. 

I did also manage to find time to get to a favourite river spot for a bit of swimming. I went with my husband &, rarely, no children. It felt pretty fortuitous, to re-connect with my husband. Small children means we don’t see much of each other without them & when we do we are tired! So amongst work I felt a little but of Solstice magic may have been at work.

Whatever you have done today I wish you all a great rest of the Summer.  

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