Shiatsu massage touch 

Touch is generally very important & most of the time has a meaning & intent behind it, even an expectation at times. We hug & kiss to say hello & goodbye, shake hands with strangers. We reach out to give hugs when someone is feeling sad or something has happened. We kiss & touch our partners, play fight with our kids. A nurturing touch without an expectation & just there to hold & support you is very special. Massage of any sort, any hands-on therapy, is going to give you contact & support, relaxation & space.

Shiatsu massage touch is one of security & safety. The touch meets the client & makes a strong connection. A client is able to breathe & relax whilst being supported & held. A strong connection makes a client feel secure & confident in the practitioner & the massage they are going to receive. It allows them to feel how they actually feel, or just be. Also a safe touch can be really important, for people who have been affected by something that stops them accepting contact, or contact makes them anxious or nervous.

If you are interesting in knowing more about this or would like to book a Shiatsu in my practice in Exeter, Devon they do get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page.

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