Exciting year of Shiatsu here in Exeter, Devon

Feeling excited about the opportunities that this year may hold for Shiatsu. I have done a few events over the past few years, both on my own & with a gang of local fellow Shiatsu practitioners. This year looks to be the best so far. Collectively we already have three local Exeter fairs that we will attend. It’s always such a great day, lots of Shiatsu, meeting new people & catching up with old clients & friends. 

We are also looking to plan Shiatsu-a-thon’s. These are days filled with reduced priced Shiatsu, so it’s affordable to all. They’ll be in a local Exeter community centre, central to town & they be fundraising for worthy projects. We are hoping they will be popular & will introduce Shiatsu to a whole load more people. 

I can’t wait to see what this year brings – as the event’s get nearer I’ll post them in here. Any queries do contact me – details on the ‘contact me’ page. 

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