Shiatsu for stress, head or backache & chronic pain

Some of the main reasons clients come to have Shiatsu massage with me are in the heading of this blog. Backache is probably the main reason, lower back pain, sometimes with hip pain & siactica into the legs. Shiatsu has often helped this condition. Because it works with energy flow in the body, there is some discussion & awareness of the structural & muscular aspects of the complaint, the complaint can be looked at as areas of low energy & areas of too much energy & the Shiatsu can help balance these out. This can rectify the issue that the client is experiencing.

Because of the way Shiatsu works it can bypass emotional & mental strains, focus just on the body & the energy flow. The client doesn’t have to talk though their upset, although there is some time in the consultation for verbal discussion & often issues are at least mentioned. The client can get relief from their symptoms without talking at all! Stress & other emotional & mental strains can also easily affect the body, a relief from the physical can also help the mental. 

Chronic pain is one of the hardest conditions I come across. It is such a difficult thing to live with, & a lot of people I have seen have been suffering for years or decades. Clients have come as they have tried many other things to help with the pain & the many side affects, other physical issues, hormonal affects from medication, mental health issues from the strain. Shiatsu has given relief from pain at times, it has given a sense of support & energized the client to help motivate them to push forward with changes they think will help.

I am often really impressed by the affects Shiatsu can have. Obviously I believe in Shiatsu & love working with clients. If you think Shiatsu may be able to support you please get in touch – through the ‘contact me’ page.

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