Free Shiatsu massage taster sessions

I think Shiatsu massage is an unique & flexible hands-on therapy, obviously, I spent 3 years training to qualify! However I know that quite a few people haven’t heard of it & don’t know what is involved. I wish this was different & that more people understood how many benefits Shiatsu massage can have. I love promoting Shiatsu & trying to get the message out there.

Shiatsu is not as well know as some other alternative therapies, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Osteopathy. It is a relative new-comer to the therapy party, having originated in Japan as many different forms of massage it became a recognised form of massage through practitioners developing it in the western world. There are a number of Osteopathy & Acupuncture clinics in Exeter, Devon but not one Shiatsu clinic. There are a handful of us practising Shiatsu in Exeter & although it is beginning to become known-of it is still a challenge to promote Shiatsu & it’s benefits. 

Over each year I do a number of events promoting Shiatsu massage. Sometimes this is with other Shiatsu practitioners & sometimes alone. The aim is to do events that are free or very cheap so that everyone or most people can afford to have a taster session, & hopefully get the buzz that Shiatsu can produce. I have a few events lined up this year but I am always looking for further opportunities. Shiatsu can be given pretty much anywhere, festivals & fairs of course but also in workplaces, cafes, shops, libraries & at pamper evenings & parties. 

If you have an idea of an event that Shiatsu would be good at then please do get in touch. Events that I attend are generally in the Exeter area but I’m also happy to go further afield. Contact details can be found on the ‘contact me’ page. 

Thanks for reading & happy Shiatsu buzz to all.

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