Shiatsu to support resolution

We are now well into January, it already feels a long time ago when we were looking forward to the new year & the opportunity for new starts. Resolutions are important, & making changes to feel more positive. Motivation & drive help us achieve the goals we set, some people are able to self-motivate & find the drive they need, most of us need some support. 

When we experience life, emotions, mental stresses & strains, work, family & relationships it is also held physically in our bodies. People often mention that they hold their tension in their shoulders or neck, but it can also be in other areas & more integral to the body. The energy in the body becomes inflexible & stagnant, it doesn’t flow or move well around the body. As much as our experiences are absorbed into our bodies so our bodies affects our thoughts, emotions, motivation & drive. The energy doesn’t flow, so thoughts & emotions are tight or inflexible too. 

Having resolutions is very important, it can get to a point where it seems harder than it should be to push through & drive for goals. Then maybe it’s time to get some outside support. Shiatsu massage can bypass the ‘head’ stuff, the over thinking, it focuses on what is happening in the body, right then. Getting the energy to flow & move in the body allows the mind & attitude to follow. Things then seem to just flow, become easier, with more ability to be adaptable & flexible. This really supports self-motivaton & drive & can help resolutions become nature & daily habit. 

If you are feeling a little stuck & that you may benefit from some support you may want to try a Shiatsu massage. I practise in Exwick, Exeter, Devon in a quiet, calm space. You can contact me on the ‘contact me’ page. 

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