Blue Monday blues? 

I don’t really understand how they decide that today is the most miserable day of the year but I definitely understand thd idea of January blues. Having spent a lot of money on Christmas then having the exciting high of the festive period & new year it can feel hard to get back into the routine if work,school, daily life. January is a long month & the pay-day also comes along a good while after the December one.

We’ve been relatively lucky with the weather this month, so far, no sign of the blizzard & snow-drifts we were told were coming, well at least here in Exeter, Devon. The morning’s are dark & generally cold & there is no evening thanks to the long nights. Sorry not sure I’m cheering anyone up here! We all feel it at this time of year. 

What are January’s for? Moping & feeling low? 5 element theory, the form of diagnosis that Shiatsu uses says that we should rest & regroup & strengthen our roots in the deepest winter. We should be still & rest, just be. Not be looking forward or planning or pushing to get things done. If we rest & wait now our bodies will strenghten & be ready to start planning in the Spring & bringing projects to fruition in the summer. We have plenty of time to socialise, go out, exercise, work-hard & inevitably spend money later in the year. 

Rather than feeling sorry & low we can take this opportunity to listen to our tired & pushed bodies & rest & be quiet. As much as our busy lives push us on if it’s possible to find at least moments of still now in January we should feel more energy later as the days get longer. Just a thought!

Shiatsu can help us reconnect with what our body needs, in each season. Shiatsu can also help to recharge ourselves & our bodies. If you would like to find out if Shiatsu could help support you please get in touch. Details on the ‘contact me’ page. I practise in Exwick, Exeter, Devon & if you are feeling the blues or aches & pains (so common in the cold weather) you may want to arrange a Shiatsu massage.

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