Shiatsu at Respect Exeter 

What an amazing, vibrant & exciting festival Respect Exeter is.  We are so lucky to have such a friendly & happy free festival in the city.  We managed to get there both yesterday & today & I finally managed to have a Shiatsu myself today! It was so lovely to lie & relax whilst someone else gave me nurture & support through touch.

I was jealous that there were people giving Shiatsu & at the moment I am not in the position to do a full day.  It was so great to see so much Shiatsu yesterday – a lot of the proceeds were going to Shelter Box for Nepal & I heard that a lot of money was raised for the cause.

It was great that Exeter people were able to get a Shiatsu treatment so cheaply & for such a great cause, I was so pleased that the beauty of Shiatsu was being promoted.  I just hope that I’m involved next time.  My two boys need too much of my time at the moment but as they get bigger I can get out there more often & for longer. I can’t wait.  As always I am looking forward to Respect Exeter next year & hopefully they’ll be lots of Shiatsu again.

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