Finding time for Shiatsu

Wow it seems that in Exeter, as everywhere else, people have lives that are non-stop & so, so busy. Such a demand is put on us, from so many angles, there is no time to recover & recuperate & review.  We seem to have got it the wrong way around! If we find peace & calm, space & rest then we have more resources & energy to make the most of our time, loves & lives. 

Shiatsu is an opportunity to step out of life for a short spell.  It can give you more energy & a sense of deep rest.  This in turn can give more clarity, focus & determination; to find space to stop, even for two minutes; to make the most of the experiences you encounter; to give a sense of direction, to help achieve what you want to achieve. 

As I have two small children I find it hard to find time to give Shiatsu!!!! I am aware that a lot of people in & around Exeter would love to have a Shiatsu treatment in the evening. At the moment I can’t offer Shiatsu at this time but as soon as I can I will do so.  In the meanwhile I do offer Shiatsu, in my practice in Exwick, Exeter, on every other Saturday morning.   I have a few people who relish these appointments, at the end of their working week. If you are interested in booking one of these appointments then do contact me.  Details are on my contact me page.

Here’s to a little peace & catch up time for us all! 

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