Shiatsu tasters – Exwick, Exeter, Devon

Life generally goes along at a ridiculously super fast pace these days. We don’t seem to have time to stop & rest, think & just be.  We have all these conveniences that save time, cars, technology, convenience foods,  supermarkets, washing machines, dishwashers, but somehow we still have loads to do & no time to do it in.

This pace of life takes us away from the rhythms of nature & the sense of who & what we are.  We all need a break from our crazy schedules.  A shiatsu treatment can give you that break from the daily grind & help to restore your energy.  It can pinpoint the particular issues that have caused the fatigue & can help relieve the physical issues that it has caused.

If you are in the Exeter area & would like to try out Shiatsu then I am offering taster sessions on Wednesday mornings.  The shiatsu tasters are just £10 & they will include plenty of hands-on treatment.  They are long enough to see what Shiastu is like & whether it can work for you.  

I am offering these taster sessions at my Shiatsu practice in Exwick, Exeter. If you are interested in a Shiatsu taster then please contact me.  All my contact details are on the contact me page. I am happy to discuss any questions.

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