I’m looking for Shiatsu opportunities in Exeter

After a good day giving Shiatsu tasters I am very energised & enthusiatic about building my business & spreading the benefits of this brilliant hands on therapy.

 I first had Shiatsu over 20 years ago, here in Devon & was amazed about the energy & invigoration I felt afterwards.  I found I could bound & skip up the steep track from the farm house where I received the treatment.  Since then I have been sold, it is such a special therapy & I find it hard to understand that many people have not heard of it, or believe it is just a form of massage.  I don’t mean ‘just a form of massage’ badly & I love a good massage.  Shiatsu has an element of diagnoses, that is based within the five element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Then there is the touch diagnosis as well, & also the visual diagnosis.  Some friends of mine who practise acupuncture could not believe that I could spot a deficiency by just looking at the person. It can be really clear what support a client requires by the way they hold their body, their posture or some colouration on the face. 

The results that can be generated by Shiatsu are awe inspiring.  I have had clients make big life changes, they came feeling stuck in a rut. I have had people who have been able to do things that they never thought they could achieve.  Back ache, sciatica, head aches, menstrual issues have all been eased.  It has helped labour to begin. It can give carers the support they require to keep giving the care they do. Shiatsu is a really safe & supportive therapy, it allows the client to feel, within their body, the issues that they are facing.  This can help shift things that physical or mental therapies can sometimes struggle with moving.

I am really keen to get Shiatsu out to as many people as possible, in the Exeter area, & begin to build my business too!! I can offer Shiatsu tasters in work places, give talks, I can work in shops, at fairs, anywhere really. So if you are interested or know of somewhere or someone or some group that maybe interested then do please contact me. Then I can promote my business & my passion! I am really happy to give free Shiatsu’s to anyone who can help me out!

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