Shiatsu stretches

As Shiatsu is generally given on a futon mat on the floor it is possible to give really satisfying stretches, when appropriate.  Shiatsu massage can be given in a seated position when lying is not comfortable but often clients will comment on how satisfying the stretches in their massage were.

The body holds all our tensions & stresses & it is possible to release this by doing yoga or stretching but there is something different when someone does the stretch for you. It can feel sore, in a good way & it can get the energy moving around the body more freely.

If you are interested in knowing more then do get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page. I have a Facebook page that you may also like to look at.  I work in Exwick, Exeter, Devon. I have a calm & peaceful Shiatsu practice room. I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.

What you can expect from a Shiatsu massage, here in Exeter, Devon

Shiatsu sessions are an hour long with a good 40-45 minute hands-on. The session begins with a consultation about the client’s health. There are 5 minutes at the end to allow the client to ‘come round’ from the treatment. 

Shiatsu massage is given on a futon mat, on the floor. It can be given seated if it isn’t possible to get to the floor. The client is fully clothed, so it’s important to wear comfy clothing. The client just has to relax, they may have to move to a new position on the floor or take some deep breaths, but generally they can just lie, relax & enjoy.

Each Shiatsu massage is different. The treatment focusses on what the client needs then. The practitioner follows what they feel through their touch. There will quiet relaxing work & some stretches & rotations as well.

Clients have said thay they have felt different things whilst the Shiatsu is taking place. They may feel a sensation in a different part of their body to the part being working on. They have said that they have felt emotions that they have not felt for a long time or that have surprised them. They have felt ‘good pain!’ Where the massage really hits the spot.

After the Shiatsu massage the client may feel tired & a little spaced-out. This generally passes quickly, however sometimes a client can feel tired for a while, because they are actually very tired but have continued tp push through, the Shiatsu has made them realise how they really feel. 

Shiatsu massage continues to have an affect for a couple of days, so rest is good, to make the most of the treatment. If there is a specific issue it is often worth having a cluster of treatments close together, then spreading them out a little as the condition begins to ease or becomes manageable. 

If you would like to discuss if Shiatsu may be of help to you the get in tiu2ch through the ‘contact me’ page.

Spring, Shiatsu & some sun!

March 1st yesterday is supposedly the first day of Spring –  the weather wasn’t having it – it was cold, damp & miserable. Today the weather was playing ball, it was sunny & warmer & felt very Spring like. We managed to make it to the allotment even, & planted some potatoes.

It’s so lovely to have some warmth in the air. The seasons feel like they are really starting to change & this is such a special time of the year. A time where we come out of Winter & into Spring.

Spring, within 5 elements, one diagnosis tool of Shiatsu massage, says that Spring is a time for planting ideas, for planning & scheming. It is not time to act or to expect fruition of our ideas. It is in the Summer that our ideas will begin to realize.

If we have had enough rest in the Winter Spring is a time of fluidity & flow, like a tree moving gently in the wind. The opposite is a feeling of being stuck in the rut, or a sense of tightness, frustration & anger.

Shiatsu massage is helpful, it can help give a sense of flow back to the body & mind. It can give a good sense of rest & can can help release anger or frustration. If you would like to discuss if Shiatsu massage could help support you then please get in touch, through the ‘contact me’ page.

So the weather was lovely today but another wet & cold weather front is due over night, so not quite Spring yet & still time to rest!


Shiatsu on a Saturday?

I offer Shiatsu massage on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s & Saturday morning’s. At the moment the most popular day is Wednesday. At times Saturday’s have been incredibly popular & I can understand why – our jobs & lives are so busy & there are so many demands on us. At the end of a tough week a Shiatsu is a great treat. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of the lull on Saturday’s then do get in touch. As is always the case the ebb & flow will change & it’ll be another day that is my quietest. Contact me through the contact me page.

The gentle art of Shiatsu 

Shiatsu is a gentle form of massage. Sometimes it may feel like there is little happening.

Shiatsu massage is also powerful at the same time. The client can feel great results, a deep sense of relaxation, it can also feel invigorating & energising. It can do a lot with a gentle & soft touch. When appropriate Shiatsu massage also involves stretches & joint rotations. For more information have a look at the pages on this site or go to the Shiatsu Society website.

You can contact me through the contact me page with any questions or to book a Shiatsu massage. You can also like my Facebook page for details of events & special offers. 


Shiatsu, taking steps & forgetting your fear

Over the years I have had a number of clients come for Shiatsu massage because they want to create some movement in their lives,  but they are unclear how to make it happen. They have shown a sense of fear of failure or of the unknown. Shiatsu massage is a supportive & gentle treatment, it meets the person where they want to be met & gives them a sense of ease. As Shiatsu moves the energy around the body, so ideas & confidence follows. People can begin to make changes, feeling support, & take some steps forward. They  don’t have to be big ones….

Shiatsu massage touch

Shiatsu massage is a very unique & special form of touch. I think this photo gives an idea of the type of touch you receive in a Shiatsu massage treatment.

Shiatsu massage meets the client how & where they want to be met. Every Shiatsu session is different, reacting to how the person is in that moment. The practioner listens & follows what they feel as they give the hands on treatment. It is a nurturing & caring touch, supportive & present in its energy. 

I offer Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon & I work in a quiet & calm practice room in Exwick. You can contact me through the contact me page, to discuss if Shiatsu may be of benefit to you or to book a treatment. You may also want to have a look at my Facebook page or follow me on instagram @shiatsubyamy. If you want more information you could have a look at the Shiatsu society website or have the other pages on this site.