Shiatsu and Anxiety

When I asked my clients what Shiatsu had helped with anxiety and stress were mentioned a couple of times.

Shiatsu looks at the body, and energy in the body, as a whole – working to help balance the flow of energy across the body.

The body tells the story of how lives and emotions so helping with the flow of energy can relieve the tension and holding in the body that comes from feeling anxious or stressed.

In my experience working the body can help the mind, giving relief of symptoms and sometimes giving a sense of perspective on the mental challenges being faced.

Sometimes I talk with a client and look to find simple exercises or lifestyle changes that may allow the client to manage their issues between sessions.

It’s often good to have a few Shiatsu sessions close together, at the beginning of treatment, and then look to extend the distance between the appointments.

It is a pleasure and privilege to work with people to help them better and manage their health, be it mental or physical or often a mix of both.

Do feel to contact me to find out more. I’m always happy to chat Shiatsu and I’m also happy to provide long distance support, ideas and tips that may help people suffering from anxiety and or stress.


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