Shiatsu and Praising Yourself, Exeter, Devon

Yesterday I was reminded of how important it is to really recognise and praise our own achievements.

It is so easy to focus our energies on what more we would like to achieve and what we feel we haven’t managed previously.

There have been lots of shifts and changes happening to my family and the people around me.

Watching others achieve or get knock backs has brought up previous experiences and events in my life.

I realised that I spent more time mulling over the events I felt were negative.

So I got out a piece of paper today and wrote what I was proud of in my life, what I feel I have done well, the positive habits and behaviours I now have. Well it turned out to be quite a long list! Especially as it stands alone, I don’t need to compare it to other people’s achievements, it doesn’t seem possible when it is a piece of paper not thoughts spinning around my head.

It’s a funny thing being in your forties, as I am. It is definitely a time of reflection and it is easy to focus on the negatives or feel like you could have achieved more.

Shiatsu is a positive and proactive way to manage both health and lifestyle. It allows shifts of energy to take place in the body, easing physical issues and lightening emotional and mental strain.

Shiatsu can build the self confidence of a client. They can begin to believe that changes are possible and once those changes have happened they can become permanent.

It is a joy and privilege to help clients make positve changes in their lives. To feel like they can take control of their situation again.

Often clients have had a long journey to get to where they are. Shiatsu is a space to take stock of how far a client has come. It focuses on the positives and looks to provide the energy and motivation to continue forward.

I suggest everyone has a go at writing a list today. Enough feeling we need to achieve more and more focusing on the achievements.


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