Shiatsu, Holidays and Chickenpox

I am working this week, whilst balancing nursing duties to my two chickenpox-ridden boys. The life juggling just continues doesn’t it!

I spent all last night between two hot, itchy boys, both wanting mummy cuddles for comfort. It took me back to the early days when they need you so much. Lovely to be getting extra snuggles but would like some unbroken sleep now please, and I’ve only done two nights!

Caring for them has reminded me that nurture role comes quite naturally for me. Being a mother has deepened and expanded my Shiatsu practice. It’s a similar attitude that I approach my work with as the one I approach my mother role with.

Shiatsu for me is about listening clearly to a client. What is it that they would like to change? Heal a physical health issue, drop past patterns of behavior or habits, shift their mental and emotional responses?

Shiatsu uses hands-on work to create change for the client. Approaching their concerns through the body first, not thinking it through, not trying to create solutions immediately, just feeling and listening first.

I try hard to hold an open space for my children, to hear what they would like, how they are feeling. Easy when they are poorly, ‘I feel itchy, I need a cuddle for comfort.’ Less hard when busy lives are happening and so little time to stop.

My Shiatsu practice is a clear space where there is time and support for what needs to be said. This space for my practice reminds me to have it for my kids, and I am learning to have it more and more for myself.

This week I will be treasuring the time I am getting with the kids. It’s a chance to reconnect and listen to their needs. It is also a chance to remember the early days and possibly the last time they will be so small. It feels like childhood illnesses always have an aspect of change to them. The kids seem to take a big developmental leap forward afterwards.

What is nice for the kids is that they will be off school this week and then next week is half term. They will get two weeks off. I’m hoping the worst of it will be over by the holiday and we can enjoy a good break, more time together.

I am back on monday 28th and have spaces that week. I love coming back from time off, refreshed and ready to get back to giving Shiatsu.

Right now I’m off to read to my boys and make the most of the space chickenpox has created for us!


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