Sun and Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon

Sitting in the sun looking for inspiration for today’s blog I realised a couple of things.

The energy at the moment, be it bright and light, has a strong connection to the earth, a sense of grounding, a sense of feeling supported.

I am really enjoying this natural grounded feeling. I generally need to work hard to feel at this so this is a pleasant change for me. How about you?

I have found it the perfect energy for quiet meditation and reflection, for connecting to nature and for leaving my head and thoughts behind and listening to my intuition. Also hard foe ne normally! I have found it easier to sit in the present and be grateful for what I have.

To me this is an extra special present from nature, who knows what the next couple of months or the rest of the year will be like. What a pleasure to have such light and warmth, even for a short while.

I have also enjoyed stretching, which is a serious Spring energy form of exercise. There is some movement and motivation generated by this energy that is really easy to harness.

Look I saw people in shorts and t-shirts at the supermarket and a friend was talking about planting out her seedlings. Let’s not get carried away. It feels like there is still the quiet, inward energy of Winter around – but pleasantly balanced with the upward, outward Spring energy.

As far as I understand the ‘fake Spring’ disappears tomorrow but I’m hoping my practice stays. I am so enjoying feeling comfortable in my own quiet, whilst waking my body slowly from its Winter slumber with a good amont of yoga and stretching.

I am enjoying my Shiatsu practice too. There is more energy to play with. Everyone retreats and retracts in the Winter, they need boosting up. The Spring brings more movement and flow of energy. The work seems to still be pretty transformational, following from big shifts that started last year. Clients are leaving behind old habits and actions and are steping forward. They are really feeling their hurt and pain but are happy to do so, understanding they have to to move on.

I say make hay whilst the sun shines, make the most of these special few days. But get ready to hanker down again as that Winter energy is still around and hasn’t funished with us yet!


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