Shiatsu & time out, Exeter, Devon

At the end of the school holidays my family & I headed to Dartmoor for the day. Some well needed head space, time out of normal routines & space to remember what is important.

I was reminded that taking time out in nature, or for self care, or for support is important, sometimes essential. Not only is it an chance to rest & recover it is a chance to regroup & readdress.

To give the best Shiatsu I can I take time for myself when I can, time away in nature & getting treatments myself. Then the realisations & changes in my mind, my emotions & my physical body have time to happen.

Shiatsu for me is the opportunity to give the body, mind & spirit some time out, some space, to stop & think or just be.

Working around the body I am looking for areas that need support. I’m also looking to create a sense of space, of holding, to allow the body, mind or soul to release tension or to accept support.

If you are looking to make some changes in your life, or take some time to understand yourself better then maybe you want to try a Shiatsu.


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