Supporting Back Pain with Shiatsu

I have recently had a few clients with chronic back pain. It isn’t unusual for people to come for a Shiatsu treatment with sore lower backs or very tight shoulders but sometimes the issues are more complex & complicated.

In my experience physical work or injury alongside emotional turmoil can create weakness, which in itself creates stress & tension. The back begins to compensate, trying the support the area of weakness, a complex pattern then emerges. Clients seem often to only be aware of the tension, the tightness & not aware of the underlying weakness.

Generally a Shiatsu starts with gentle & quiet work, making a strong connection with the client & supporting the areas of weakness. There can be a big shift in the body’s energy with quiet work, it often isn’t the strong work, the tension releasing work that creates the biggest changes.

Sometimes the energy shifts the most when the areas of weakness & tension are worked together. Shiatsu can be a strong physical treatment when appropriate. When I have worked quite strongly on the areas of tightness I been told by clients that the pain & tension they were feeling has been released.

Shiatsu is about balancing the energy in the body & it can work well when balancing the different areas of a back, working the weak & the tension.

Shiatsu meets people how they want to be met. There is generally always an emotional attachment or reason for the discomfort. Shiatsu holds a client in a particular way, where it is safe to feel & to release emotions if needs be.

It is a joy to see clients with more movement than when they came in, with less pain & less emotional pain.


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