Shiatsu for tiredness – Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

Shiatsu is a relaxing & deeply restful treatment. The 40 to 45 minute hands-on is a chance to simply lie & be. This in itself is restful & regenerating.

Shiatsu works on the meridians, lines of energy across the body, & the pressure points that Acupuncture & Acupressure. This supportive therapy looks to balance the energies across the body, meridians & pressure points.

This approach to the body can achieve a number of results, including:

  • Generating more energy in the body
  • Providing a sense of rest & relaxation
  • Promoting better & deeper sleep
  • Helping circulation & flow of blood across the whole body
  • Relieving tension & stresses held in the body
  • Balancing the body & mind
  • Helping the flow of thoughts & emotions 
  • Relieving stress & anxiety

All of the above can relieve tiredness & help with exhaustion & fatigue. 

Not many spaces left now before Christmas but spaces in January in Exeter & Dawlish. Why not book now so you know it’s coming up. 

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