Wet Exeter, with a hint of spring

Being in touch with the seasons is so important with Shiatsu. Listening to our bodies often fits with this too. In winter we want to go out less & in Spring & Summer we want to be out more, using more energy. As the seasons change it can be more difficult to listen to our bodies & follow the seasons – we are being pulled by two energies. This is very pronounced between quiet, still winter & strong, budding spring. So its exciting to see the first signs of spring, I saw my first wild daffodils, but they were too near a busy road to photograph. However I did take a snap of the first buds of the daffodils on our windowsill. 

This photo helps me remember we are not in full, blooming spring yet, it is only just beginning & we still have time to slowly wake from winter, before we push through with our new ideas & energies. If you would like to know more about Shiatsu massage please contact me through the contact me page. 

Spring is coming?

Ok so I am based down in the south west of England, in Exeter, Devon & I appreciate that further up the country & particularly into Scotland there aren’t the small signs of spring coming that we are seeing here.It has been wet here today, & we do get a lot of rain in Devon! So signs of warming up & a change of season are very welcome!

In terms of Shiatsu diagnosis we are still very much in the Water element time of year. Quiet reflection & rest are vital in the colder months, storing & building energy for use over Spring & Summer. If we don’t rest now there is a possibility of burn out by the end of the warmer months. However it is now alright to start looking outwards & forwards a little. Being gentle & listening to our bodies & ourselves we can also start to send out our first tentative shoots, like the first plants of the year. 

If you’d like to understand more about Shiatsu & now it may be beneficial to you please contact me – through the contact me page.