Shiatsu Support – wherever you are

As some European countries begin to ease the restrictions on their citizens here in the UK we are still very much in serious social distancing and self isolation mode. The motivation is beginning to lack, in our house at least. Trying to feel inspired about the short time we can exercise for each day is becoming harder.

We are well and safe so we are lucky and we are having a really lovely time with the kids. There is a lot that I am really making the most of. Time to garden, time to hoover behind big bits of furniture. I normally just pretend that the dust isn’t piling up!

There is still a certain amount of generally anxiety around – don’t you think. Particularly in supermarkets where people seem highly-strung and short tempered. I have also noticed it with people’s reactions whilst driving, and even whilst walking, at times. For a lot of households there is the added stress of financial issues, uncertainty of work. Then there are the single parents, maybe full-time or co-parenting, so having to say goodbye to their children every week. What about those people in isolation due to health issues and what about those with mental health needs. There are a lot of people with a lot going on.

I have been posting videos of exercises that support the lungs and chest and also can help with anxiety, stress, distress and depression. Wherever you are you can access these videos, at any time. Some people are following along as I do the video and others are using what they remember at a time convenient to them. These are on my Facebook page – link below. I can always send them via WhatsApp if you don’t use Facebook.

Here is my most recent video –

I have chosen to include this one as it includes exercises for both lungs and anxiety. It does have an interruption – which shows the perils of working from home!

I can always create personalised exercise routines if you require more specific exercises. I am also offering online consultations and support if needs be. You can email me at

So wherever you are do stay safe, keep on going, and shout if you need support.


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