Shiatsu for Christmas?

Not long now until Christmas is upon us.

I love this time of year, the mid winter celebration makes me feel connected to the season as well as warm and fuzzy.

A few days ago we took the time, as a family, to head out to the woods in search of holly and ivy. We came back after a blustery and cheek warming walk with fir branches and berry-festooned holly.

I love bringing these natural decorations into the house, along with the real Christmas tree we lovingly care for throughout the year. It is another way to connect to the season.

I do have some time off from Shiatsu and will be back from the 6th January. In the meanwhile here’s some tips to boost your energy for the festivities:

1. Drink fresh ginger tea – warms the kidneys – they help everything else work

2. Take some time out for meditation and reflection – quiet rest is the way to go at this time of year

3. Wear a scarf! Chills in the neck will result in sore necks and shoulders but also will zap the body of vital resource

See you in the new year xx

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