Life Lesson number 3,456,250! Be Persistent.

I love having supervision sessions as part of my Shiatsu practice. They are a chance for me to gain perspective on my Shiatsu and also to chat with another practitioner.

This session the practitioner I have supervision with was talking about a workshop she had, had to cancel as there was no uptake. My feedback was that I had seen the initial workshop information but hadn’t seen any reminders, it so it had slipped my mind.

This got me thinking. How many times I have thought ‘Well no-one is interested in my offer or social media post so I’ll just leave it.’ I should be thinking ‘People have busy lives so let’s remindthem, if they are interested what a great reminder, if they’re not I’m not taking up loads of their time.’

Maybe this is obvious to lots of you guys reading this, but this was a new perspective for me. A realisation that it’s not necessarily that people aren’t interested and it’s okay to push a bit.

Look your not going to suddenly see a whole influx of aggressive blogs and posts from me! It’s really just a mind shift, not to drop things, to give them at least one extra push.

Today I am off to deliver 1000 postcards to houses in Exwick, houses of people on my doorstep. People who may not have heard of Shiatsu or may not realise that this sort of thing is available in this area. Instead of worrying about what people might think of the postcard I’m going to think let’s just get it out there.

Perseverance is my lesson for today, not only in my practice but also in daily life. If I lose my confidence and belief in something I’m going to try at least one more time. Maybe that extra time things will come together and I’ll see a great result.

Have a good day everyone.


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