Go on let it go – with Supportive Shiatsu in Exeter

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com

Well this year started with a wind of change. Everyone I know began the year by cleaning and clearing their house. Moving on their junk and excess belongings, shifting furniture to sweep away dust and getting the brushes out for at least a touch up.

There was such a strong cleansing energy it was almost irresistible, did you feel it? There is also an energy around allowing people to let go of their emotional baggage. Have you noticed old patterns and behaviours, historical emotional experiences coming back into your mind?

I have a lot of clients who are harnessing the opportunity to revisit their pain and hurts and question their old behaviours. Through having Shiatsu they have been able to understand the self-beliefs that have led to the negative habits or emotional situations.

The Sessions of Shiatsu are very supportive and provided a secure and safe environment to really feel how you are. Being held, through physical touch, allows emotions to rise and be released. Old patterns that aren’t helpful can be felt and then dropped. This feels like a good time to look at our complex and complicated journeys. It feels like it is ‘in the air.’ That doesn’t mean it is easy.

Our lives leave physical imprints on our bodies. Pain and tension, weakness and injury take their toll. Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy that can help support the body, mind and soul. In my experience it can loosen tension and strengthen areas of weakness. Attending to the physical issues but also the emotional holding that is generally attached to an injury.

So are you feeling what I am feeling? Can you sense that this is a good time to let old things go and move forward with freedom and confidence? Come and have a Shiatsu with me and see if it’s the thing to help you to go forward.


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