Happy New Year

2019 is upon us and I hope it has started well for you all.

Let’s hope this year is a year full of happy times, lots of contentment, a bit of challenge and of course plenty of Shiatsu!

I’m back offering Shiatsu in Exeter. I am full this week but have spaces next week, both in the daytime and also some evening spaces.

I am back in Dawlish on Friday 18th and in Exmouth on Friday 25th.

Shiatsu is great for supporting personal drive and motivation. It can be the perfect support for this time of year.

Shiatsu is also good for building up the body’s energy and warming the kidneys, which will warm the rest.

Shiatsu can also help ease aches and pains, provide deep relaxation and healthy sleep patterns. It is deeply relaxing and can help with stress and anxiety.

So maybe Shiatsu is the way to kick your year off, to get started as you mean to go on. It is serious self care, some quality support and space from normal life.

Do get in touch if you’d like to book. My mobile is 07791 070837, my email is amyhinkswright@yahoo.co.uk

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