Shiatsu for the New Year

I know I’m talking about the New Year already and we haven’t made it through Christmas yet. I wanted to let you all know that I am back offering Shiatsu from Wednesday January 2nd.

In my experience Shiatsu is brilliant for support self motivation and drive, focus and determination. So if you feel you haven’t achieved as much as you would have liked this year, and you want to make some serious resolutions then maybe Shiatsu is the perfect therapy for you.

I only have two spaces left on Wednesday 2nd January and Friday 4th January but have more spaces available the following week.

Get a set of Shiatsu sessions booked in, grab yourself a discount if you book 6 or more at once. Use Shiatsu to support your natural rhythms but also boost your energy levels and personal drive.

Shiatsu is a very supportive and nurturing form of therapy. It also provides a deep level of relaxation, helping the body recover from daily life and providing an extra boost.

So if you feel up for a challenge but could do with a bit more focus, drive or energy then get in touch to book in.

This is such a great time of year for quiet and reflection. Have a very merry festive period, but remember to get some quiet time, so you can get a good idea of your goals and dreams for 2019.


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