Shiatsu and the Winter Time

Shiatsu is a great therapy to have in the Winter. It is warming and energising, it helps rebuild the core energy, that we use so much of at this time of year. In my experience it is great at supporting chronic pain and easing joint pain. It is deeply relaxing and can help ease sleep issues, which is helpful particularly at this time of the year.

The Winter is the time of the Water Energy, as in the Five Element diagnosis system. When the Water energy is in balance the body is strong and warm, it has fludity in movement, physically, mentally and emotionally. The sleep patterns are good, and energy levels stay strong. When the Water element is out of balance fears and phobias rise up, sleep patterns are upset, energy levels are low and issues with bones, the bladder and the kidney can appear.

Shiatsu can support all the imbalances that show up at this time of year. There are other thjngs yiu can do to support yourself at this time of year.

  • Rest as much as possible, give your energy chance to recharge
  • Keep your mid-drift warm, this is where your kidneys are – if they are good they can support the rest of your body
  • Drink warming drinks, including fresh ginger in warm water
  • Meditate or take time to be quiet, this is a good time of year for reflection

Keep warm and enjoy this dark but reflective time of year.


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